Footsteps: Beginning a Conversation With Jesus

Footsteps of JesusWhat does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? What does it mean to be his disciple?

Following Jesus in his footsteps is not always so easy and there are times we will wrestle with the things he said and did. Still, it is hard to understand and embrace the true meaning of his teachings unless we are willing to actually experience them in the every day of life. That is what Footsteps is about!

Throughout the month we will engage with the life teachings of Jesus as we go out into the city on different days and times and take part in experiencing them first hand. Whether it is for a walk in the park, watching a play or movie, sharing over a cup of coffee or mug of brew, perhaps a hospital visit, or an outing to a city heritage site or concert; in any adventure we take, we will be learning to listen to the whispers of Jesus while finding our stride in encountering and Imitating Jesus together!

This is ultimately what Jesus meant when he said, “Come follow me!

If you are interested in taking some Footsteps to a better life and walk, please email